Studio 440’s approach is one of attention to detail, combined with a comprehensive gathering of information from the client and all other project influences.  Such care exercised throughout the process is vital to both the beauty and vitality of the final design and built environment, as well as the success of the project team in properly insuring the owner’s budget, schedule and facility use are without compromise.

Studio 440 Architecture & Acoustics is an architectural design firm specializing in custom solutions for clients with world-class media production and post-production requirements as well as traditional core, shell and interior design. Founded in 1994 by George Newburn and Ross Brennan, Studio 440’s core competencies include: superior, innovative design, highly individualized client services and coordination of the design implementation and construction process. Studio 440 has become a model for best practices in the motion picture, television and audio recording design field.

The specialized experience of Studio 440 insures complete and thorough integration and coordination of all technical systems and specialized systems requirements. Studio 440 has distinguished itself in it’s ability to develop designs, construction documents and specifications that enhance the client’s program and adhere to budget and schedule for all types of Architectural challenges.

Studio 440 clients receive direct access to the knowledge and experience base of the firm.  The partners of the firm act as the lead designer as well as head of the project’s complete production. Projects are never handed off – at any phase -- within the firm.

The firm’s small, atelier style of design, means that the partners are continuously available.  Our clients (including Paramount Pictures, E! Entertainment, Paul Allen (Vulcan Inc.), and Technicolor have found this direct communication to be highly advantageous in meeting project goals. 
Studio 440 is licensed and insured, and LEED accredited.


Technicolor | Paramount Post Production Facillity

Technicolor | Paramount Post Production Facillity